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Eric June

CEO, AssurX, Inc.
(A SysGen, Inc. Client)


"We grew at over 600% and I think a large part of that is we were able to focus on what we needed to do [product improvement and sales] while SysGen provided outstanding training to our customers and it all worked out fantastic.

It’s actually one of the best decisions we ever made…I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to other CEO’s.

Here's some of the feedback we received from our customers...

"I wish all our software vendors were so thorough with their materials and training! …excellent job covering the material and answering our questions. The training materials are excellent."
-- Anita Leslie | Genzyme

"…all facets of the training were perfect 10's. The curriculum was well-written, detailed, and user friendly. This was the best offsite training I've ever taken."
-- Jeanne A. Bowen | Benchmark Electronics

"Truly, one of the best, most knowledgeable instructors I've ever had. You are blessed to have him teaching for you."
-- Software Student | Associated Electric Cooperative Inc.

"In all my years of training this was the best."
-- Software Student | Watlow Electric

"The class conveyed a great deal of information in a very condensed amount of time with great effect."
-- Software Student | Xoran Technologies

"Great teacher and very approachable."
-- Software Student | Angiotech Pharmaceuticals

"Content was delivered at an excellent pace."
-- Software Student | Xoran Technologies

"The book was the best training book for a software system I have seen and I have had training for 4+ software systems."
-- Software Student | Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc.

"The documentation is outstanding. All aspects are well defined and documented, and includes tips and tricks to the entire system and its functions."
-- Software Student | IWCO Direct

"The materials have good examples on how to do what is needed."
-- Software Student | GF Health Products, Inc.

"The training materials were very defined and easy to follow."
-- Software Student | Gibson BioScience

"Books were well organized."
-- Software Student | Incisive Surgical

"Very clear and precise documentation."
-- Software Student | Thermo Fisher Scientific

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